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Chapter: 23 Sura: 90 Verse: The thing is that We have brought them the truth (about the unity of God) but they are sticking to lies (by refusing it repeatedly)....- Read the Verse/ The Holy Quran

Ramadan Kareem! Salaam Brothers and Sisters this year Ramadan will start Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Hifz-ul Quran and Islamic Education Centre (Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets)

Hifz-ul Quran and Islamic Education Centre

ADDRESS: 304 Burdett Road, London, Greater London, E14 7DQ

TEL: none FAX: none GENDER: Unknown TYPE: Masjid/Mosque

Data Accuracy: B- Well known masjid with plenty of corroborating data


FOLLOWING : Unknown MANAGEMENT : Bangladeshi

Travel Information

Here you will find the local travel information on how to get to the Masjid/Mosque

All London Bus Stops 0.2 Miles Away From the Masjid/Mosque

277 ST PAUL'S WAY Distance: 0.0797
D6 ST PAUL'S WAY Distance: 0.0797
D7 ST PAUL'S WAY Distance: 0.0797
277 PIXLEY STREET Distance: 0.0882
D6 PIXLEY STREET Distance: 0.0882
D7 PIXLEY STREET Distance: 0.0882
277 PIXLEY STREET Distance: 0.1059
D6 PIXLEY STREET Distance: 0.1059
D7 PIXLEY STREET Distance: 0.1059
277 ST PAUL'S WAY Distance: 0.1447
D6 ST PAUL'S WAY Distance: 0.1447
D7 ST PAUL'S WAY Distance: 0.1447
277 TURNERS ROAD Distance: 0.1522
D6 TURNERS ROAD Distance: 0.1522
D7 TURNERS ROAD Distance: 0.1522
309 BURDETT ROAD / ST PAUL'S CHURCH Distance: 0.1556
309 BURDETT ROAD/ ST PAUL'S CHURCH Distance: 0.1646

List of London Underground Stations close to the Masjid/Mosque, within 3 miles radius

Westferry Station Distance: 0.4239
Limehouse Station Distance: 0.4942
Devons Road Station Distance: 0.7007
West India Quay Station Distance: 0.7064
Mile End Station Distance: 0.7073
Poplar Station Distance: 0.7382
All Saints Station Distance: 0.7599
Bow Road Station Distance: 0.8209
Stepney Green Station Distance: 0.8788
Heron Quays Station Distance: 0.8968
Canary Wharf Station Distance: 0.9066
Bow Church Station Distance: 0.9115
Bromley-By-Bow Station Distance: 0.9982
Blackwall Station Distance: 1.0615
South Quay Station Distance: 1.1018
East India Station Distance: 1.2101
Shadwell Station Distance: 1.2278
Whitechapel Station Distance: 1.3607
Wapping Station Distance: 1.3774
Rotherhithe Station Distance: 1.3968
Bethnal Green Station Distance: 1.4031
Crossharbour & London Arena Station Distance: 1.4854
Canada Water Station Distance: 1.49
Pudding Mill Lane Station Distance: 1.4916
Canning Town Station Distance: 1.6047
Surrey Quays Station Distance: 1.7159
West Ham Station Distance: 1.7189
North Greenwich Station Distance: 1.7479
Mudchute Station Distance: 1.8196
Aldgate East Station Distance: 1.8579
Bermondsey Station Distance: 1.9064
Tower Gateway Station Distance: 1.9807

List of Railway Stations close to the Masjid/Mosque, within 5 miles radius

Limehouse Railway Station Distance: 0.51
Shadwell Railway Station Distance: 1.2301
Camelon Railway Station Distance: 1.3151
Whitechapel Railway Station Distance: 1.3517
Wapping Railway Station Distance: 1.3772
Rotherhithe Railway Station Distance: 1.3933
Betchworth Railway Station Distance: 1.4172
Canley Railway Station Distance: 1.5389
Cambridge Railway Station Distance: 1.6781
Surrey Quays Railway Station Distance: 1.7168
West Ham Railway Station Distance: 1.784
Hackney Central Railway Station Distance: 1.8106
Hackney Wick Railway Station Distance: 1.9413

Masjid/Mosque Weather Report

Poplar London UK 2021-04-15 17:14

9 ℃ (48.2 ℉)

11.9mph (19.1kpm) Miles Per Hour
60 Wind Degree
ENE Wind Direction
12.5mph (20.2kpm) Gust Miles Per Hour

Weather Report
Today on April 15, 2021 the tempreture will be 9℃ (48.2 ℉), when you go outside the weather will feel like 6.5 ℃ (43.8 ℉) the wind will be 11.9mph (19.1kpm) and humidity will be 53

Masjid Prayer Timetable

In Islam muslims are required to prayer five times a day, each prayer can be measured in units and every prayer comrpomised with different set of units depending on the time of prayer, click here to learn more about how we calculate the prayer times for the masjids

Date Hijri Fajar Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Sunset Maghrib Isha

Local Parliamentary Information

The Local MP for this Masjid is Apsana Begum MP for Poplar and Limehouse

You Local MP is part of the Labour Party
Your can contact your Local MP on: apsana.begum.mp@parliament.uk or telephone them on: 0207 219 6826