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Chapter: 25 Sura: 21 Verse: Those who entertain no fear about being present before Us, nor do they expect it, say, `Why should not the angels be sent down to us? Or we see our Lord?' They have indeed thought ...- Read the Verse/ The Holy Quran

Ramadan Kareem! Salaam Brothers and Sisters this year Ramadan will start Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Masjid Nimra (Nelson, Lancashire)

Masjid Nimra

ADDRESS: 42 Bankhouse Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 7RA

TEL: N/A FAX: N/A GENDER: Male (Only) TYPE: Masjid/Mosque

Data Accuracy: B- Well known masjid with plenty of corroborating data


FOLLOWING : Sunni - Deobandi MANAGEMENT : Pakistani MASJID CAPACITY : 500

Other Masjid Names: Nimra Academy

Travel Information

Here you will find the local travel information on how to get to the Masjid/Mosque

List of Railway Stations close to the Masjid/Mosque, within 5 miles radius

Nelson Railway Station Distance: 0.5366
Collington Railway Station Distance: 1.5005
Bridlington Railway Station Distance: 1.6456

Masjid/Mosque Weather Report

Nelson Lancashire UK 2021-04-15 17:19

8.7 ℃ (47.7 ℉)

9.4mph (15.1kpm) Miles Per Hour
94 Wind Degree
E Wind Direction
10.7mph (17.3kpm) Gust Miles Per Hour

Weather Report
Today on April 15, 2021 the tempreture will be 8.7℃ (47.7 ℉), when you go outside the weather will feel like 6.3 ℃ (43.3 ℉) the wind will be 9.4mph (15.1kpm) and humidity will be 55

Notes / Additional information


Moved from 179 Leeds Road.

Premises was formerly: School

Masjid Prayer Timetable

In Islam muslims are required to prayer five times a day, each prayer can be measured in units and every prayer comrpomised with different set of units depending on the time of prayer, click here to learn more about how we calculate the prayer times for the masjids

Date Hijri Fajar Sunrise Dhuhr Asr Sunset Maghrib Isha