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Chapter: 26 Sura: 4 Verse: If We so please We can send down upon them such a sign from above that their necks would bend (and heads bow down) in submission to it....- Read the Verse/ The Holy Quran

Masjids/Mosques in Temple

Kings College London Islamic Society

ADDRESS: Strand Campus, The Strand, London, Greater London , WC2R 2LS

TEL: none TYPE: Student Islamic Society

Data Accuracy: C- Masjid with a single reliable source of information.

The City Mussalla

ADDRESS: Under City Barbers, Whitefriars Street and Tudor Street, Temple, London, Greater London, EC4Y 8JJ and EC4Y 0AY

TEL: none

Data Accuracy: B- Well known masjid with plenty of corroborating data

St Bride Foundation

ADDRESS: St Bride Foundation, Bride Lane, Temple, London, Greater London, EC4Y 8EQ

TEL: 020 7353 3331 (foundation, not organiser) TYPE: Jumu'ah Salaah (Only)

Data Accuracy: A- Reasonably recent first hand knowledge of the masjid