Aslamalikum Wa Rahamtullah Wabrakathahu!

Welcome to this website, I very much hope you found this resource centre useful and reliable and we are constantly working hard to provide the most reliable information about our mosques.

The aim of this website Inshallah is to develop a software that will make finding mosques more easy on the web, we are employing better techniques to resolve any inconsistencies in other directories as we have developed an in-house data mining application, basically checks data against other sites, our mosques are sourced from online and offline and we are now working with councils, UK Land Registry Office, UK Charity commission and other organizations to keep our data up-to-date.

The website we have is not just a website, its a cleverly designed application that refines itself overtime, we are still developing the logic code to optimize our data minding algorithms as we learn more and more

A little bit about me, i am from East London and have been working with computers since I was 11, I have a Master in Internet Application Development and welcome any mosques who wish to develop their own website for free, i do not charge mosques, so if you are one, and need a website do email me on

I would also like to thank MIB ( / Salam Directory / Muslim Directory) as i have used their data resources to develop this directory. They have contributed immensely to the progression of this data, so I am just the new kid on the block.

The aim Inshallah is to optimize the usability and the reliability of data using a more effective software which we are building in-house.

If you have any suggestions or improvements to the site please do email me


Your Brother

Tahire Mehmood Faruq

Tahire Faruq


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