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Central Jamia Masjid (Southall, Ealing)

Central Jamia Masjid

ADDRESS: 12 Montague Waye, Southall, Middlesex, UB2 5PA

TEL: 020 8574 5115, 07968 527793 (imam), 020 8574 5380 (maybe), 020 8813 9219 (maybe) FAX: 020 8813 9218 GENDER: Male / Female TYPE: Masjid/Mosque

Data Accuracy: A- Reasonably recent first hand knowledge of the masjid


FOLLOWING : Sunni - Deobandi MANAGEMENT : Pakistani MASJID CAPACITY : 500

Travel Information

Here you will find the local travel information on how to get to the Masjid/Mosque

All London Bus Stops 0.2 Miles Away From the Masjid/Mosque

105 MONTAGUE WAYE Distance: 0.0271
195 MONTAGUE WAYE Distance: 0.0271
482 MONTAGUE WAYE Distance: 0.0271
E5 MONTAGUE WAYE Distance: 0.0271
H32 MONTAGUE WAYE Distance: 0.0271
105 SUSSEX ROAD Distance: 0.0855
195 SUSSEX ROAD Distance: 0.0855
482 SUSSEX ROAD Distance: 0.0855
E5 SUSSEX ROAD Distance: 0.0855
H32 SUSSEX ROAD Distance: 0.0855
105 WALTHAM ROAD Distance: 0.0941
195 WALTHAM ROAD Distance: 0.0941
482 WALTHAM ROAD Distance: 0.0941
E5 WALTHAM ROAD Distance: 0.0941
H32 WALTHAM ROAD Distance: 0.0941
105 KING STREET Distance: 0.1487
120 KING STREET Distance: 0.1487
195 KING STREET Distance: 0.1487
482 KING STREET Distance: 0.1487
H32 KING STREET Distance: 0.1487
120 ADELAIDE ROAD Distance: 0.176
E5 ADELAIDE ROAD Distance: 0.176
E5 FEATHERSTONE ROAD Distance: 0.1816
E5 FEATHERSTONE ROAD Distance: 0.188

List of London Underground Stations close to the Masjid/Mosque, within 3 miles radius

Hounslow West Station Distance: 1.8132
Osterley Station Distance: 1.8949

List of Railway Stations close to the Masjid/Mosque, within 5 miles radius

Southall Railway Station Distance: 0.6579
Hayes (Kent) Railway Station Distance: 1.5565


Masjid Prayer Timetable

In Islam muslims are required to prayer five times a day, each prayer can be measured in units and every prayer comrpomised with different set of units depending on the time of prayer, click here to learn more about how we calculate the prayer times for the masjids

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